“It Was Inevitable” Elon Musk on Bitcoin

January 29, 2021


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Elon Musk added after changing his Twitter Bio from Former CEO of Dogecoin to just #Bitcoin. This came after the Robinhood blatant and disgusting market manipulation. Suddenly the richest man in the world understood Bitcoin. If you hold your own keys. No one can halt trading. And no one can stop your buy or sell buttons. It’s up to you. They can restrict Bitcoin. But no one can actually stop it. Banning Bitcoin is like banning numbers. Ban numbers. See how that goes.

And there is no bigger BUY signal than the richest man in the world investing $1.5 billion in Bitcoin.

This has generated great news for the cryptocurrency. And created a lot of free press. Which will further push the price up. Bitcoin even made its biggest single-day candle ever. A super bullish technical analysis signal. Now everyone in corporate America is talking about buying Bitcoin. Also, consider Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy. They hosted an online event on Feb 3/4 called “Bitcoin for corporations.” Corporations have a ton of money. Over 1500 high ranking employees of these corporations learned more about Bitcoin. And they found out exactly how to buy a ton of Bitcoin. Which they are doing quietly.

And finally, we have the halving.

Every halving event Bitcoin performs in a predictable way. This includes the last halving event. Which was almost 1 year ago. Bitcoin is ready to kick in high gear again. The next stop later this year is consolidation at $200,000.


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