No GameStop Didn’t Crash, It Was Manipulation.

February 03, 2021


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GameStop stock has been on a tear. Fueled of course by a movement started by WallStreetBets. And this movement has gained international attention. A quick look at the subreddit and you will see people from all over the world buying GameStop stock. Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Japan, China you name it. GameStop is by far the most popular stock in the entire world right now. But you would be surprised if you look at the $GME chart. The stock went from over $400 to $90. How on earth did the most bought stock in the world crash?

Dirty Manipulation Tricks

Market Manipulation
Source r/WallStreetBets

Make no mistake Wall Street are masters in manipulation and deception. They have been doing it since Wall Street was created. One trick they use is bots. They flood social media and spread lies. I refuse to say misinformation. It’s called a lie. Additionally, they have spread the lie that silver is being short squeezed. In an effort to distract us into buying something that will never be squeezed. And that worked, for one day. Then everyone understood that it was a sham. And people quickly began selling their silver futures and the price tumbled. But the dirtiest trick of them all. Blatant market manipulation in front of everyone.

Depository Trust Company

Revolut message to clients.

One of the largest securities depositories in the world. Their function is securities safekeeping and clearing. Every broker uses this company to clear Gamestop stock transactions. And this week they have decided to hike the price for clearing GameStop, AMC transactions TEN fold. Robinhood was charged $3 Billion for 1 trading day. And of course, Robinhood couldn’t just hand out $3 Billion. So they had no choice but to stop the buying of Gamestop, AMC stock. The same happened with every broker using this Trust company. This became international. This has been the most blatant market manipulation we have ever seen. On a massive scale. But there is more!

Ladder Attack

Ladder Attack

Before you ask, yes. Ladder attacks are illegal. But for Wall Street, the law is just a suggestion. And class-action lawsuits are just a business expense. The picture above is an example of a ladder attack. Or hedge-funds selling 100 shares to each other at lower and lower prices. Which lowers the price. But there is good news for Gamestop stockholders. The New York stock exchange has added $GME GameStop to the short sale restriction list. Meaning shorting Gamestop will be restricted. Affective today. No more ladder attacks suits. This will most definitely send the price higher these upcoming days. Combine that with the influence of Mark Cuban. The billionaire investor who went on WallStreetBets and gave his blessing. And after that went on TV to defend the little guy. The short squeeze is happening people. Prepare.

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