4 Great Investment Ideas For Your $100

February 10, 2021


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Disclaimer: This article is written, in order to inform you of the best investment opportunities and is not financial advice. We will never recommend mediocre investments. Please read till the end.

Being broke is due to a lack of information. Or the correct information to be precise. Many websites recommend opening ROTH IRAs or buying an index fund as good investments. Let me be clear with you. These investments are TERRIBLE. The year is 2021. The world moves quickly. Index fund investing is for dinosaurs. And 10% per year is laughable. It is not a “safe” investment, it’s a bad one. Here are 4 amazing investments for your 100$.

Investing in fractional shares

You don’t have enough money to buy a whole stock? No problem. Invest in fractions or pieces of stocks. Fractional shares are available for retail investors who don’t have enough capital to buy whole shares or 1 lot of a share. For example, take Berkshire Hathaway. One stock is over $350,000. That’s a hefty cost even for serious investors. But with fractional shares, you can get $100 worth of Berkshire Hathaway. Now the question is what stock to get. With only $100 to invest the best choice is growth stocks.

Best stocks to invest with fractional shares

For example Tesla. A technology company that is hell-bent on growing and expanding. Another great growth stock is Roku. Again a technology company growing, innovating in its sector, and expanding at light speed. And also consider Square. A bank spends $1000 to acquire a client. Square spends 10$. And the customer has 24/7 support and operations, exposure to cryptocurrencies, and way lower fees for every transaction compared to any bank. Another great stock is CRISPR Therapeutics. What you need to know about them is that they are making a cure for the most expensive disease in the world, diabetes. And that cure is a one-time treatment that lasts forever. Plus they are developing at least 3 cancer treatments that don’t reply on poison. But uses the humans’ own immunosystem to destroy the disease. A truly life-changing technology.

Investing in yourself

Buy some books. Or even better apply for a certificate. Do you have an upcoming interview? Buy a nice shirt, tie and some shoe polish. The interviewer will definitely judge you by the way you look. Do not think otherwise. This is how people think and there is no getting away from that fact. Be presentable, smile, and be confident even if you are not. And please remember. Most of the information is available for free on the internet. Do not invest your $100 on courses someone made by copying Wikipedia.

Start a business

Start a business with $100? Yes, correct. The most profitable businesses are online businesses. No need for a factory, factory workers, logistics, or anything physical to run your business. Have something interesting to say on a topic of your expertise? With $100 you can employ someone from Fiverr to build you a WordPress website. You can also pay for your hosting and domain name. After that simply optimize your articles for SEO (there are 1 million articles on how to do that), open a Facebook account or Twitter account, and use these massive social media sites to attract visitors. If your headline is compelling people will click on it. After that sign up for affiliate programs and when someone signs up for that service you will earn a commission.


Staking is locking your cryptocurrency, in order to help maintain the blockchain. Many cryptocurrencies offer staking such as Ethereum 2.0, Tezos, Algorand, Icon, Binance coin to name a few. Also, many exchanges reward users who stake. We recommend Binance. The largest by volume crypto exchange in the world. They have many staking options, with different duration. From 15 days to 90 or more days. The wonderful thing with staking is that in addition to receiving rewards for staking, the cryptocurrency itself might appreciate in value while the tokens are locked. The day I am writing this article Binance coin is up 31%. In the past 7 days, it is up 80%. Nearly double! Making it a perfect investment opportunity for beginners. Asset appreciation plus stacking rewards. The average return is between 5% and 20% annually. Some even go up to nearly 40%. 

The world moves quickly in 2021. There is literally no time to be wondering if you should invest in bonds, indexes, or anything legacy related.

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Here are 4 terrible investment ideas to avoid at all cost

Robo Advisers

Using a robo-adviser sounds like a great idea. Set it and forget it right? But it is definitely not a good idea. Vanguard’s robo-adviser returns 3.42% in 2 and a half years. And the average is around 2% per 2.5 years. Truly bad results indeed. You will get 2 dollars for your $100 investment. Avoid!

Lending Platforms

There are many peer-to-peer lending platforms out there. And this does sound like a good passive investment. But the returns are mediocre (between 5% and 30% per year), to say the least. Compared with other investment opportunities. Also, consider the fact that many lending flatforms have a minimum investment of $1000. An investment in a lending platform could be a good idea. However with only $100 to invest look elsewhere.


Yes, you read that right. You probably already have a 401(k). And your employer may offer to match your contributions 1 to 1. Meaning if you decide to invest your $100 they will invest $100 too. 100% return instantaneous does sound nice indeed. But the returns of most 401(k) are bad. Depending on market conditions you can expect 5% to 8% per year. Which in a world with growth stocks and cryptocurrencies 5% is possible in 1 day. Or even 10 minutes. This is not a bad investment, just a slow one.

Your debt

Every article on this topic says you need to pay off your debt. Well, not this one. In fact, with $100 you’re not paying off anything. Being in debt from buying things that you don’t need is not smart. But being in debt and using the capital to invest in high growth assets like stocks and cryptocurrency is THE only way one becomes wealthy in a short period of time. I myself took an interest-free loan, invested it the same day, the whole amount into Tesla stock. And the stock shot up 10 times in one 1 year. Debt can be crippling, but it can also be the solution to your money problem.

In conclusion, investing is a numbers game. The best-performing assets win, old-school value investing is dead. Be on the right side of history and go get the money.

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