How Elon Musk Will Make Dogecoin Successful

February 15, 2021


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Capitalism is a game. The more capital you have, the bigger your voice is.

And the more things you can achieve. When Elon Musk wanted an intercontinental ballistic missile he turned to the Russians. And the Russians tried to rip him off. Because who else will offer him an ICBM? Correct, no one. And so Elon Musk did what any other genius, capitalist champion would do, he made his own rockets. More than that SpaceX, Elon’s company, leapfrogged the Russians. Even leapfrogged Nasa and rivals like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. Now ONLY SpaceX makes reusable, highly reliable, and profitable orbital rockets.

The biggest voice in the world is talking about Dogecoin.

As the richest man in the world, Elon Musk can move markets. Sending stocks or crypto assets soaring in price with a simple tweet. He has tweeted about Etsy, Signal, and of course Bitcoin. But the asset that Musk is most interested in is Dogecoin. The meme cryptocurrency. But why?

Fate loves irony

The most entertaining outcome is most likely writes Musk. Banks and financial institutions have always had the most power. And all bankers are elites. Condescending towards normal people and with a sky-high opinion of themselves. So what better asset to beat the bankers with than the joke cryptocurrency. A truly beautiful moment when a meme beats the elites. And also something else to mention. Dogecoins blockchain is a good one. Like Bitcoin, it’s decentralized, but unlike Bitcoin, Dogecoin transactions cost almost nothing and are even faster than Bitcoin. But there is a problem.

Dogecoin is effectively centralized.

Not because the software is not open-source and the system decentralized. But because of the Dogecoin whales. When a few hands hold most of the coins, they can manipulate the market. Which is what Elon Musk is trying to avoid. He gave Dogecoin whales an ultimatum. Sell your Doge, or void your account, and Elon is prepared to pay you actual money. If they don’t Elon will not support dogecoin anymore. It’s a tough choice, but an easy one to make. However, this goes its great news for cryptocurrency. The whole world follows and respects Elon Musk. And with him bringing attention to issues Dogecoin and Bitcoin fight, Like Income inequality, wealth distribution, and decentralization, we are closed to a better world. A world we can all be a part of today.

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